Sagrada Familia 27 Junio 2022

John William Bailly
Sagrada Familia, 27 Junio 2022 (In Situ)
Graphite on Arches Paper
7 x 10 inches / 18 x 26 centimeters
Collection of Pat Oblak

This work was drawn from the roof of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. Santa Maria was inexplicably empty and the wonderful woman working there let me stay on the roof alone as long as I wished. Just me drawing and the seagulls dancing above Barcelona.

On 09 October 2022, Pat Oblak acquired this drawing after visiting my Power House Studio at the Deering Estate. I’ve never really been happier to change a credit line from “Courtesy of the Artist” to “Collection of Pat Oblak.”

In 1990, Pat Oblak hired me at Pearl Art Supply in Miami. I initially started as a stock boy and then I was in charge of the Acrylics Aisle. I was painting, skating, and living punk. Pat and the staff always supported me, despite my madness.

I then decided to aim for graduate school. US News ranked Yale School of Art as top, and I applied there. I got in-I went from working minimum wage to the Ivy League.

I ran up to an older cashier went I got the acceptance letter. I yelled, “I’m going to Yale!” She replied, “?Aye, dios mio, que te paso?” She had understood jail (yale).

Thank you, Pat.

Bailly on the roof of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona in 2022

10 October 2022

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