In Situ

Bailly draws and paints as he explores cities and landscapes. Drawing is his manner of processing the world to develop a sense of place. The works on paper inform his large paintings. Working in situ, on location en plein air, is essential to Bailly’s practice, as it records a direct experience and perspective of place. The drawings document not only the appearance of a place but also the ambiance, weather, and time.

The In Situ works in this project are 7 x 10 inches / 18 x 26 centimeters on Arches Watercolor Paper. They are generally executed in graphite, but sometimes supplemented with ink, acrylic, or watercolor.

Each individual work is priced at $200.00 and can be purchased through the LnS Gallery in Miami and through Clamp Art in New York City. If the work is framed, the price of the frame will be added to the total price.

04 September 2022

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