Process, curated by Sofia Guerra 2019

Process, 1993- 2019 by John William Bailly, curated by Sofia Guerra. An interactive site-specific installation with over 12oo works on paper. Visitors can peruse the collection to form their own narrative.

The flat files within the Project Room of the LnS Gallery house over one thousand works on paper created by John William Bailly over the last 25 years. Visitors are taken through the distillation process of the artist. Foundational figure studies, and on-site sketches of European cities fade into abstraction while laying the bones for Decree of DeathVenice Venezuela, and Ghost Dance. The files also house earlier projects of John Bailly’s in one-of-a-kind paintings and monoprints. Collections Pax Romana and Encyclopedia lay among other gems dating back to the early 90’s. The flat files give visitors a comprehensive package of John William Bailly’s style as it has matured into the body of works currently presented in The Roses of Fibonacci.

Flat File 1: Miami
Flat File 2: One Geography, One Heart
Flat File 3: Nudes
Flat File 4: New Old World/Old New World
Flat File 5: Foundations
Flat File 6: Calculated Chaos
Flat File 7: “All of Human knowledge”
Flat File 8: Pax Romana I: 1457 BCE- 1279 CE
Flat File 9: Pax Romana II: 1514 CE- 2004 CE
Flat File 10: Aztecia Slugfest
Flat File 11: Some of a Kind: Small
Flat File 12: Some of a Kind: Large
Flat File 13: Soldiers & Traitors
Flat File 14: Mexico Mixed Media
Flat File 15: BYOB

The Roses of Fibonacci
The Roses of Fibonacci at LnS
JW Bailly Art

Sofia Guerra & John William Bailly  28 November 2019

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