Deering Estate Residency

John William Bailly is an Artist-in-Residence Fellow at the Deering Estate in Miami. His studio is in the historic Power House, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior. Bailly’s paintings explore the culture, history, and nature of Miami in order to form as sense of identity related to place.

Bailly has created two bodies of work during his residency at the Deering Estate. 10,000 Years of Miami and Roses of Fibonacci both explore archeological sites and natural areas of Miami.

In his role as professor at Florida International University, he leads students on a variety of adventures at Deering. FIU Honors College students also have the opportunity to intern with Bailly at the Deering Estate. Bailly holds an MFA from Yale University and is represented by LnS Gallery.

US Poet Laureate Richard Blanco wrote a poem about Bailly’s work and studio at the Deering Estate. Rose as Question


24 April 2020

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