10,000 Years of Miami Paintings

JW Bailly. Miami Circle, 2017. Oil on canvas. 87 x 67 in/210 x 170 cm. Private Collection.

The Deering Estate provided John William Bailly with the perfect setting to explore the history of Miami, revealing how popular perception of Miami and the authentic reality of Miami are divergent. Bailly’s 10,000 Years of Miami is the artist’s humble effort to remind us of who we are, from a historical and environmental perspective. Through richly-layered paintings he depicts natural elements and transatlantic cultural commonalities.”

“As a Deering Estate Artist in Residence, Bailly was able to conduct field research through hiking onsite, snorkeling in adjacent Biscayne Bay, and by conducting collaborative research with interpretive staff on the sites’ archaeological and historical resources. Additionally, the artist traveled to Catalonia (Spain) to visit Charles Deering’s former villa Maricel in Sitges where he collected visual and factual records. John William Bailly (MFA Yale), is a French-American, Miami based artist and a Fellow at FIU’s Honor College. He is represented by LnS Gallery in Miami.”

Kim Yantis, Cultural Arts Curator, Derring Estate

The core of the project “10,000 Years of Miami” is ten large painting that explore, document, and reflect on the history of Miami.

Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  09 March 2019

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