Study Abroad

Valerie Villa, Yulie Lugo, Patrick Henry, Catalina Jaramillo, and James Bernzen of FIU enjoy the view of Roma from the Capitoline Museum terrace. (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

John W Bailly is the Faculty Director of FIU Honors College study abroad programs in France, Italy, and Spain. All three programs combine cultural immersion and natural exploration, allowing students to learn history through on-site lectures and also hike some of the most famous destinations in Europe.

Each program is limited to 18 students. Find out more about each program below. The FIU Office of Study Abroad also provides information on programs and scholarships.

Italy Study Abroad: Grand Tour Redux
This class studies the history of Classical Rome and Renaissance Florence to understand how these eras influence us today. Students stay in apartments in Rome, Florence, and right in the heart of Venice. In addition, the class spends four nights in a mountain sanctuary in Cinque Terre.

Spain Study Abroad: Miami Espana Ida Y Vuelta
This class examines the Trans-Atlantic cultural and biological exchange that began with colonization and continues to this day. What came to the Americas from Spain, and what returned? Spain study abroad lodges in apartments Madrid, Sevilla, and Barcelona. The class also visits the Alhambra and hikes the Montserrat mountains.

France Study Abroad: Art, War, & Human Rights
This class explores the French and American pursuit of universal human rights through art and war. Students will stay in their own individual dorm room in Paris for the month of July. Students will also visit Lyon, Normandy, Annecy, the castles of the Loire, and spend a night in a wood cabin in the Alps.

The Bailly & Sepulveda Travel Advice

John William Bailly & Stephanie Sepúlveda 12 November 2017


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