“PAMM as Text” by Joseph Vargas

Jesus Rafael Soto. “Penetrable BBL Blue 2/8,”  (1999) © Joseph Vargas

By Joseph Vargas of @fiuinstagram at @pamm

Our scheduled excursion to PAMM was one that had my attention from the moment I parked in the lot. The cacophonous mixture of a structured concrete frame enveloped in verdant and lively hanging trees might seem discordant by description, but in person, the two prominent features of the establishment mesh seamlessly and faultlessly allude to Miami as a comprehensive entity with its organic and constructed features. As such, it was no surprise when the piece that I most enjoyed was placed before I could even walk in. Walking up the staircase towards the entrance to the museum, I encountered a series of blue dangling tubes that were animated with every passing breeze. I immediately wanted to enter the enclosed blue environment and roam within its precisely set dimensions. However, I had to take a step back and look around before I succumbed to my innate desire. To my excitement, there was a sign that read: “We invite you to gently interact with this artwork…” It was then that I was filled with an appreciation for the artist; I then understood that it was every personal interaction with the piece that defined its purpose and rendered it complete. With just a glance at the blue tubes, I had an involuntary impulse to enter the foreign environment. Jesús Rafael Soto was successful in directing me and making me understand his piece without any need for explicit instruction.


Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly 12 October 2017

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