Carlos Pintado


Monologue of James Deering, 100 years later
By Carlos Pintado

What house awaits me.
What mysterious house will have my face in the paintings.
What house will follow me through the mirrors.
Who am I, I James Deering.  What am I a reflection of.
What house awaits me. What mysterious house.
What road beckons to this house.
Why do I answer sometimes.
From what names I walk away
Silently, afraid, ill, bewildered.
What road beckons to this house.
If every day I am much less of myself, could it be
that someone builds a throne for me in the dark.
What garden entices me.
What divine art or gift will give shelter.
And who will drink bravely all this wine
That time has poured for me in an expensive glass.


Carlos Pintado is a Cuban–American writer, playwright and award-winning poet. He received the 2014 Paz Prize for Poetry for his book Nine Coins awarded by the National Poetry Series and  the Sant Jordi’s International Prize for Poetry. Author of 10 books. He also contributed to the book The Exile Experience, coordinated by music producer Emilio Estefan. His poems and short-stories have been published on The New York Times (selected by Natasha Trethewey), World Literature Today, The American Poetry Review among others.

This poem was debuted at the FIU Honors College‘s “Poetry Art Community” at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on 14 November, 2017.

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