Miami Arts District 2019

The FIU Honors College seminar “Miami in Miami” visited The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse in Wynwood and the de la Cruz Collection in the Design District on 06 November 2019.

Photos and edit by Maria Cruz (CC by 4.0)

“Analog,” by Maria Cruz of FIU at Wynwood on November 6, 2019

Founded in the early 20th century, modern-day Wynwood has come a long way from its farming origins. Now, internationally recognized as the center of Miami’s contemporary art scene, Wynwood and its many trendy locales are seen as the epitome of ingenuity and creativity. As a Miami native, I have spent years hearing the most entertaining anecdotes from those that have braved downtown traffic to pay this spot a visit; however, throughout our time there this week, it became evident to me that behind the trendy brunch spots and nightlife scene there is much more to the charm of this district. Getting to explore the many artworks housed in the  Margulies and de la Cruz (located in the very near Design District) private collections exposed me to a whole new world of analysis and appreciation.

While I had studied the principles of contemporary art back in high school, seeing photos of art in textbooks is never quite the same as viewing the pieces in person. Especially when it comes to such a multidimensional movement. From the alchemist inspired works of Anselm Kiefer to the professions of love by Félix González-Torres, I saw reflections of my own personal life in their art. These were not singled out occurrences, from Magdalena Abakanowicz, Kishio Suga, Wade Guyton, and the many other artists we were exposed to, no matter what medium their work was, I found myself identifying with various aspects of their messages and reflecting on the application of these ideas in my daily life. With the guidance of Martin Margulies and Daniel Clapp, I began to better understand just how impactful modern art can be, whether from local or international artists,  despite its dismissal of it by many. These works of art and their influence is something that should be recognized as one of the many beauties of Miami (aside from that mere week of Art Basel), and not seen as the “hidden Miami secret” my classmates and I originally assumed. Getting to see these contemporary work we found our stories heard, our struggles shared, and our ideas validated — something every individual should have the joy of experiencing. 

Directory of Miami in Miami 2019.2020 Student Blogs

Miami in Miami
Miami as Text

John William Bailly  23 November 2019

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