Vizcaya as Text



“The Vizcaya I Met” by Rachel Young @hereisrache of @fiuinstagram at @vizcaya_museum

The Vizcaya I met es distinto al Vizcaya que conoció mi mamá the first time she went back in the 90s
I met Vizcaya in mid-February un viernes con unos gran amigos and one of the most influential professors I’ve had
I met Vizcaya with some expectations and was left speechless when I turned the corner and saw the Bay
I consider Vizcaya a friend porque sentí como si fuera parte de la familia Deering as I walked through the courtyards and gardens
Not only did I feel like a friend of Deering, but I also felt like a friend of el Cubano who was responsible for bringing in the palm trees that corral the gardens
A friend of all those who followed orders and garden plans
A friend of all those who contributed to the creation of this historical relic
A friend of all those who suffered
A friend of all those who sacrificed
The Vizcaya I met is frequented by Tias y Tios que están visitando los sobrinos
It’s frequented by hopeful quinceañeras
I know the Vizcaya I met that Friday in mid-February
But what about the Vizcaya que conoció mi mamá?
What about the Vizcaya que conoció el Cubano with the palm trees?

Vizcaya as Text was developed by Wendy Wolf of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and John W Bailly of FIU Honors College

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is positioned at the center of the Miami conversation between the US and Western Europe. This project will offer students a uniquely structured exploration of Vizcaya, with an emphasis on reflecting on transatlantic similarities and contrasts. Vizcaya as Text is an interdisciplinary investigation of the people, art, architecture, culture of historic museum and gardens. While providing certain required guidelines, the project is structured in an open manner that enables student participants to emphasize their respective disciplinary interests. It is the students’ mission to investigate, discover and document Vizcaya.

Format and submission guidelines for Miami as Text
How to do a Miami as Text

All posts must start as the following example:
“Title of Your Reflection” by Your Name @yourinstagramaccount of @fiuinstagram at @vizcaya_museum

NOTE: All students must wear an FIU shirt.

Projects will be posted on a social media public forum, which will enable the host institution to engage student perceptions. This provides students with the opportunity to engage in a community dialogue in regards to their work. This should not impact student perspective or analysis. Your professor and the host institutions are interested in a genuine experience and honest reflection.

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John William Bailly & Stephanie Sepúlveda 12 October 2017


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