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“Freedom” by Lauren Lopez @laurenlopez_ of @fiuinstagram at @sevillaciudad

The fusion of architecture in La Giralda is very telling of its history. The Renaissance bell tower was built by the Catholics on top of what used to be a Moorish mineret with a Roman foundation at its cornerstone. This is the reflection of a city conquered by different entities, influenced by each, and known today for the beauty in its diversity. Similarly, the freedom tower in Miami, which was a passageway for Cubans immigrating to America, is a symbol for inhabitants of Miami of the people’s roots and cultural diversity. As the product of 4 Cuban grandparents, one of which came to America with Pedro Pan in June of 1962, this direct parallel made me feel connected to Sevilla and at home in what, at first, seemed a foreign place. It was also a bit concerning to think that so many years ago, diversity was celebrated and honored, when so many people today look at diversity as a problem to be eliminated in a country that was built on immigrants. The blending of cultures and diversity of our ancestors is what makes us, as inhabitants of Miami and as citizens of America, who we are.

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