Nikki’s Declassified WordPress Survival Guide

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started posting on Bailly’s site?

First, make sure you have accepted his invite to be an author on his page. This would come in the form of a link that he has emailed to you. Preferably, wait to create your account until you receive this email to ensure you are connected to his website and he can view your posts. Finally, make sure to have your name associated with your profile- this can be found in your profile settings- and add a photo of yourself. This makes grading easier.

Basic functions:

  • “+write” and “new post” will bring you to a new page for you to begin your writing.
  • “New block” think of this as a text box, you can make as many as you want and also add pictures through here.
  • Site drop down menu:
    • “Posts” will get you to all the posts being added to Bailly’s page, here you can view your fellow students’ posts
    • “Pages” this will get you to the main pages Bailly has created such as the syllabus or guidelines for a project. Don’t worry to much about this page, it is mostly for Bailly and his TAs, you can access this information through his regular website

How does Bailly like his assignments organized?

To begin, remember this blog post you are creating is PUBLIC, imagine your future employer is viewing it, how would you want them to perceive you. At the top/beginning of your post, have a student profile. A photo (once again appropriate for a professional setting) of yourself and a short blurb with your information. Following this should be every post (“as text”) assignment in order of their due date. So, ALL your assignments will be on ONE page. *Side note: You will also have to submit through Turnitin/canvas

Common errors:

  1. WordPress does not work well on the app, it is HIGHLY recommended that you avoid the app and use a computer, also if seems the pages aren’t loading on your laptop try a different browser.
  2. If you do not see a drop down menu under “site” you are most likely not linked to Bailly’s page. You will have to receive a new invite directly from him using a different email (this is the quickest way, we have not figured out how to send invites twice to the same email.) Once you receive the new invite you will create your account and it will be connected to his page.

Below are links to great example pages of past students:

Isabella Marie Garcia