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“Admirable Devotion” by Yina Cabrera @yinacab of @fiuinstagram at @abadiamontserrat

“Many times, I find myself criticizing and questioning religion, specifically when individuals have a blind and unquestionable devotion to it. However, in Montserrat, I found myself intrigued and even humbled by the dedication many people, even my very classmates, have towards their religion and the solace they find in it. The very idea of an icon, like the Black Madonna, being searched for and protected for centuries, and a monastery being built, destroyed, then rebuilt thousands of feet above on a mountain is a clear indication of devotion. Also, learning about the hike up to the monastery that is accomplished by religious followers further solidified the admiration I felt in that moment. Although these are all actions that I would never see myself feeling attached to, it is extremely difficult to not feel a sense of curiosity and appreciation for those that do.”

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