Lyon as Text


“Persist and Resist” by James Bernzen of @fiuinstagram at @villedelyon

“Creak. Shut. I’ve been arrested. You may be able to lock up my body, but not my soul; not my belief. Question me. I will resist. Beat me. Drown me. I will resist. You will never know what I do or the names of those like me. Take me to a camp. I will resist. Force me to work in you factories. I will resist and sabotage. I will always resist and fight oppression. I may not survive to tell them but let future generations know that when the Nazis came there were those who resisted their oppression. There were those who stood up for liberte, egalite, and fraternite. That some refused to let them win. Vive La Resistance! Vive La France!”

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All posts must start as the following example:
“Title of Your Reflection” by Your Name @yourinstagramaccount of @fiuinstagram at @villedelyon

Projects will be posted on a social media public forum, which will enable the host institution to engage student perceptions. This provides students with the opportunity to engage in a community dialogue in regards to their work. This should not impact student perspective or analysis. Your professor and the host institutions are interested in a genuine experience and honest reflection.

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