Barcelona as Text

Barcelona seen from Tibidabo (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

“We crossed spacious streets, with building resembling   palaces, in La Rambla promenade ; the shops were well illuminated and there was movement and life… I did not decide to go to sleep, even though I wished to, so I could rise early and contemplate, in daylight, this city, unknown to me: Barcelona, capital of Catalonia.” – Hans Christian Andersen, 1862

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“The Devil’s Dance” by Amelia Leon @amybelion of @fiuinstagram at @visitbarcelona

“Tonight I danced with the devil. He took me by the hand and walked me through the circle of fire. I tried to stay away from the sin spewing from the sparks, but I was entranced with the lights. Like a moth to a flame, I followed him, and he showed me the power of the sun. Its all-powerful might was enhanced by the fire, a symbol of purity to contrast the devils around me. As I looked around, I could see everyone lighting their own flames to add on to the sun’s power. Children lit up fireworks and bonfires were scattered all over the beach. It was then I realized the power of the San Juan festival that celebrated the summer solstice: it brings unity amongst the members of the community and fuses us together under the great flames of the sun.”