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“The Grandeur of God” by Paola Bustos of FIU at Alhambra

Catholics and Muslims. These are not two words that are often used together, except to shed light on their differences. My visit to the Alhambra Palace, however, proved to me how incorrect this assumption is. The Alhambra Palace is the oldest completely Islamic structure in all of Europe, a continent that is not short of Catholic cathedrals. It is exquisite in its fine detail, the intricate patterns adorning the everything from the tile floors to the dome roofs. In observing the palace’s grandness, I began to contemplate the links between this palace and all the cathedrals I’ve visited. Despite the obvious difference, such as the lack of imagery in Moorish structures, I was struck by the similarity of intent. In the end, both religions focus on exhibiting God’s power and greatness as much as possible in the human world. Despite the contrasts in the details of the beliefs’ foundations, Catholics and Muslims are aiming for the same goal- to achieve eternal life with God and exude Him on Earth. Maybe we aren’t as different as we think we are.

Students will be given a tour of the Alhambra. Following the tour, each student will select one aspect of Alhambra to reflect upon. The subject selected can be a person, object, place, or event.

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Stephanie Sepúlveda  & John William Bailly 28 January 2019

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