Miami as Text

Vizcaya as Text - Brianna Rawls
Brianna Rawls of the FIU Honors College at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami

Miami as Text is Miami as seen by students of the Honors College of Florida International University. The project provides authentic reflection with a juxtaposotion of image and text. Neighborhood by neighborhood, place by place, object by object, young people people respond by praise and criticism to The Magic City.

Miami as Text was founded by John William Bailly and German Etcheverry. The team also includes Teaching Assistants Stephanie Sepulveda and Rachel Young, lead intern Gina Martins, as well as interns Paola Bustos, Narmeen Hanif, and Jonah Wichterich.

Format and submission guidelines for Miami as Text
How to do a Miami as Text

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Examples of student work
Melanie Ponce
Joseph Vargas

Below are project description of individual locations.

Alps as Text ( @hautesavoie_dep74 )

CIFO as Text

Deering as Text

Downtown Miami as Text

FIU as Text

Green Miami as Text

Lowe as Text

Lyon as Text ( @villedelyon )

Margulies as Text

Miami Art as Text

Miami Basel as Text


PAMM as Text

Paris as Text ( @parisjetaime )

SoBe as Text

Vizcaya as Text

Wynwood as Text

John William Bailly 03 May 2017