Jose “Jochi” Ortega


“Madrid Puerta de Atocha & Gustave Eiffel” by Jose Ortega @jochi43 of @fiuinstagram in @visita_madrid

“Studying the wrought iron structures of the Atocha railway station, a young mechanical engineering student wondered about the minds that collaborated on the reconstruction of the first railway station in Madrid. He imagined himself in the room with Alberto Palacio Elissagne, the architect. He imagined himself consulting with the renowned Gustave Eiffel, a man whose previous works he has studied extensively. The student boarded Gustave Eiffel’s train of thought as it pulled out of the Atocha railway station. He rode it to the designing of the Statue of Liberty, and he rode it to the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Finally, the train pulled up to the Atocha railway station in the early 1890s. The student unboarded and watched the the station as it was rebuilt.”

Stephanie SepúlvedaJohn William Bailly 16 March 2018


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