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“The Forgotten Inhabitants” by Athena Watkins @athena.watkins of @fiuinstagram at @chateaudechambord

When walking through castles like the Château Chambord, it’s easy to fantasize about being a noble and living a privileged life: exploring beautiful gardens, commissioning artwork, eating delicious food. Less often do we think about the people who made it all happen, the servants behind the scenes and beneath the floorboards. This particular castle was usually uninhabited, but in a short period of time, it had to be made ready for a royal entrance: cleaned, refurnished, with warm food on the table. It must have been a lot of work, planned in advance for efficiency. These people were humans just as much as the royals were, but born into different circumstances, considered less important. They learned many skills, worked long hours, had families, had dreams–but we don’t know their names, don’t see their faces. All that remains is the memory of glamour that they helped create.

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