Appia Antica Bike

Kristy celebrated her birthday with a bike ride on the Appian Way. (Photo by Cabeza Travel CC BY 4.0)
Kristy celebrated her birthday with a bike ride on the Appian Way. (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)


“On a later occasion, as he (Augustus) sat lunching in a copse beside the Appian Way, close to the fourth mile-stone, an eagle, to his great surprise, swooped at him, snatched a crust from his hand, carried it aloft — and then, to his even greater surprise, glided gently down again and restored what it had stolen.” – Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars

Biking the ancient Appian Way is one of most fun and enriching experiences in European travel. The combination of historically significant Roman and Christian sites and outdoor sports is rare. On the Appian Way, you can bike to remote natural areas and be alone at sites of great historical significance. Having a bike to explore the ancient Appian Way will enable you to explore beyond the main sites. This is essential, as many of the distances are substantial and you most certainly want to get to Villa dei Qunitili and beyond.

South of Rome. Take bus 118 from the Circo Massimo (Line B) metro station or bus 218 from the bus stop across the street from San Giovanni in Laterano. Get off at Domine Quo Vadis Church and find Punto Informativo Appia Antica.
EcoBike is our recommended location to prepare your Appian excursion. Ecobike organizes tours, rents bikes, sells maps and brochures, and bus tickets to Rome. Ask for Marco.

We strongly recommend you start and end your biking excursion in the bar next door. 


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