Aaron Pupo

Aaron Pupo recites his poem at “Poetic Palate” at Margulies Collection (Photo © Arina Polyanskaya)

Memories, Fossilized
By Aaron Pupo

after Anselm Kiefer

Dead ferns,


. cracked.       ([with


memory of thi/rst.

D.  i  s torted, cracked

t3rra cotta

. . • . . crack(ed/s)

Co.a•l s.pr.ead•                                                                                                                             in the

. • o.ver .                                                                                                                                    concrete

the. • . •

•threshold ____

| | of
| | a door
| | long gone,


empty replica       of a past

of a bunker

## of a room, of

rusted re#bar peeking

## out from

holes in the walls

of white□dresses; •
° . . .

here lie the remnants of a past


too dark . . , stubborn

to stay hidden. . . , . to decay.
. . . . .


Aaron Pupo was born in Miami to Cuban parents, and raised south of Kendall on a steady diet of café con leche and Roberto Carlos. He studies creative writing and philosophy at Florida International University, in hopes of becoming a poet.

This poem was debuted at the FIU Honors College‘s “Poetry Art Community” at Margulies Collection on 6 April, 2018.

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