Victoria Lopez-Trujillo

Victoria Lopez-Trujillo recites her poem at “Poetic Palate” at Margulies Collection (Photo © Arina Polyanskaya)

By Victoria Lopez-Trujillo

Tell us,
and our sunken eyes,
that our goal is just ahead.

dusk after dusk,
we watched the sun rise,
over the greenest meadow,
into the bluest sky,
and thought to ourselves:
all this is ours

But we reached out our hands
and our filthy fingers marked the glass
that surrounded us.

And so we waited.

Piece by piece we corrode.

They told us
we were made of gold
Then why do our minds rust?

Look around us,

Our clothes are not ours,
but selected details of what they
have willed us to be.

Our faces are not ours,
but lines and figures of what they,
have let us become.

Another sun rise,
but this time,
as the rays of light hit the print of our palms,
we are aware of what we possess.

The stains on our cage
and a willingness to wait
for the sunrise you promised.


Victoria Lopez-Trujillo is a proud Miami native of Cuban descent. She is currently a Communication Arts major at Florida International University.

This poem was debuted at the FIU Honors College‘s “Poetry Art Community” at Margulies Collection on 6 April, 2018.

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