A&V List of Artists

(This is an excerpt from the A&V Handbook by Miryam Rodriguez, A&V 2009.)

The host institution must approve all participating artists. Students are strongly encouraged to work from the list of eligible artists. Students should not invite an artist to participate and then seek approval from the host institution.  Rather research an artist, form a consensus within your group, get approval from the institution, and then ask the artist. Reaching a group consensus is vital. Everyone must engage the artwork and the artist. The artist should be familiar with and to everyone in the group. There is no such thing as a “messenger” student a.k.a.-the student who does all the communicating. Remember, you will be writing an artist biography and a paper as a group; so make sure everyone has contributed in the selection of the artist. You should not feel shy about asking the artist as many practical questions as possible. You are showing his/her work, the more you know about his/her work, the better.

It is important to not select an artist too early.   Curators should be familiar with the artist and his/her body of work prior to requesting participation in A&V.

Consider the following:

  1. The artist’s work should engage you.  Do not focus on solely the decorative nature of the artwork or the popularity of the artist.  Rather, consider what kind and how powerful of a social, intellectual, or emotional reaction the work provokes.
  1. Consider how accessible the artist is.  Will the artist be easy to work with?  Will the artist have time to meet with you?  Will the artist enter into a serious curatorial relationship with you?
  1.  The artist should be a professional working artist.  That is, the artist must be regularly making and exhibiting works.
  1. Think about the work throughout the year. You may feel one way about the artwork and the artist at the beginning and another way once the year is over. Those types of developments are important to your overall experience. Feel free to look at all the works the artist has created, and do not limit yourself to the works your group has ultimately selected for the show.


The following is a list of South Florida artists that students may choose to invite to participate in the Aesthetics & Values exhibition at the Frost Art Museum.  All artists should have a strong and consistent exhibition record. Artists not on this list may be considered for the A&V exhibition, if approved by the Frost Art Museum.   If A&V students want an artist not on the list to be considered, they must send the name to Professor John Bailly, who will in turn submit it to the Frost.

Faculty, employees, and current students of FIU are not eligible to participate.

For the Aesthetics & Values 2016 exhibition, artists that have participated in A&V exhibitions prior to 2010 are eligible to participate. Artists are indicated by the listing of the year they participated in A&V by the year listed next to their name (ex, TM Sisters: A&V 2010). Any artist with an A&V 2010 – 2015 listing next to their name is not eligible.

The Frost Art Museum determines the list of eligible artists for A&V.

Eddie Arroyo
Daniel Arsham: A&V 2011

Ray Azcuy: A&V 2009, A&V 2014

Luisa Basnuevo: A&V 2013

Bhakti Baxter: A&V 2010

Jose Bedia: A&V 2011

Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquat: A&V 2012

Natalia Benedetti:

Carlos Betancourt: A&V 2007, A&V 2014

Francie Bishop Good

Jenny Brillhart:

Carol Brown: A&V 2008

Helen Burgos: A&V 2006

Brian Burkhardt: A&V 2009
Randy Burman: A&V 2017

Felicia Carlisle:

Domingo Castillo:

Elizabeth Cerejido: A&V 2006

Robert Chambers: A&V 2012

Westen Charles: A&V 2017

Tony Chirinos: A&V 2006, A&V 2014

Clifton Childree: A&V 2007,  A&V 2017

Elisabeth Condon: A&V 2008

Cooper: A&V 2009

Xavier Cortada: A&V 2010

Julie Davidow: A&V 2009, A&V 2015

Ivan Toth Depeña: A&V 2011

Lise Drost

Christian Duran: A&V 2006, A&V 2015

Edouard Duval-Carrie: A&V 2009, A&V 2015

Priscilla Ferguson: A&V 2008

Gonzalo Fuenmayor:

Naomi Fisher

Friends with You: A&V 2006

Luis Garcia-Nerey: A&V 2012

Guerra de la Paz: A&V 2010

Patti Giustinian

Aramis Gutierrez: A&V 2015

Richard Haden: A&V 2010

Patricia Hernandez

Peter Hosfeld

Kathleen Hudspeth:

Robert Huff:

Jiae Hwang: A&V 2012

Christy Gast

Jacin Giordano: A&V 2011

Alder Guerrier: A&V 2013

Aramis Gutierrez:

Moira Holohan:

Catalina Jaramillo: A&V 2013

Brookhart Jonquil: A&V 2017

Susan Lee-Chun

Julie Kahn: A&V 2007

Clive King: A&V 2007

Jacek Kolasinski: A&V 2009

Mark Koven: A&V 2009

Kuhl & Leyton: A&V 2012

Sinisa Kukec:

Ed Levine: A&V 2012

Alma Leiva:

Lucas Leyva:

Nicolas Lobo:

William Maguire: A&V 2007

Pepe Mar: A&V 2008, A&V 2015

Maria Martinez-Canas: A&V 2013

Jordan Massengale

Jillian Mayer: A&V 2012

Monica McGivern:

Alberto Meza: A&V 2006

Maritza Molina: A&V 2008, A&V 2014

Emmett Moore

Gean Moreno: A&V 2012

Peggy Nolan: A&V 2006

Glexis Novoa: A&V 2013

Brandon Opalka: A&V 2006

Miguel Padura

Fabian Peña: A&V 2011

Gavin Perry: A&V 2012

Christina Petterson:

Manny Prieres

Ralph Provisero: A&V 2009, A&V 2014

Carol Prusa: A&V 2008, A&V 2014
Brian Reedy:

Karen Rifas: A&V 2011

Bert Rodriguez: A&V 2010

Christina Lei Rodriguez: A&V 2011

Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova: A&V 2013

David Rohn: A&V 2012

Gustavo Roman

Betty Rosado
Jamilah Sabur

Asser Saint-Val: A&V 2013

Samantha Salzinger: A&V 2007

George Sanchez-Calderon: A&V 2013

John Sanchez: A&V 2011

Yolanda Sanchez: A&V 2015

Carolina Sardi: A&V 2006

Gretchen Scharnagl: A&V 2007

Tom Scicluna

Onajide Shabaka: A&V 2014
Baron Sherer: A&V 2017

Magnus Sigurdarson:

Alette Simmons-Jimenez: A&V 2008, A&V 2015

Magnus Sodamin: A&V 2017

Barry Sparkman: A&V 2007

Jen Stark: A&V 2011

Gerry Stecca: A&V 2010

Sara Stites: A&V 2009

Kristen Thiele: A&V 2008

Robert Thiele: A&V 2015

TM Sisters: A&V 2010

Ruben Torres Llorca: A&V 2009, A&V 2015

Cesar Trasobares: A&V 2006
Alex Trimino: A&V 2017

Frances Trombly: A&V 2010

Kyle Trowbridge: A&V 2014

Odalis Valdiveso

Kiki Valdes: A&V 2006

Marcos Valella:

Eugenia Vargas

Michael Vasquez:

Viking Funeral (Juan Gonzalez and Carlos Ascurra): A&V 2013

Carlos de Villasante: A&V 2007

Tom Virgin

Michelle Weinberg: A&V 2008, A&V 2014

Agustina Woodgate

Pioneer Winter: A&V 2013

Wendy Wischer: A&V 2010

Antonia Wright: A&V 2011

Purvis Young:

Ricardo Zulueta: A&V 2010

John William Bailly 28 November 2016