“Jewelry for Mother” by Juan “Juanky” Ortega

Marine debris cleanup at Deering Estate (Photo by Juan Ortega CC BY 4.0)

Jewelry for Mother
by Juan Ortega @juankyortega of @fiuinstagram at @deeringestate

Mangroves sprouting from the crumb littered dirt, garnished by the exotic beauty of buoys and trash bags, loomed gorgeously over the murky water. As fish swam past they blended in with the glimmering of schools of soda cans. It was almost overwhelming trying to paddle through the coarse seaweed and six pack rings. The natural curiosity of watching animals interact with their unnatural surroundings consumed me. As I watched ants making their home from sandals, manatees playing in the islands of chip bags, and spiders weaving webs combined of silk and shoelaces, my mind was overwhelmed by one question: How could Mother Nature produce such beauty and mankind add its own refuse so carelessly? The idea of waking up in a mansion watching the sunrise peak over the water line would sound like a religious experience to many. However, this was the horror story of how humans polluted Eden. Maybe we were not expelled from a perfect land; rather, we made it uninhabitable. With any relationship, it’s a blend of healthy give and take. We took what Mother Nature offered and gave it back to her manufactured, artificial, and over-processed: a gaudy necklace to choke her gorgeous neck.


Stephanie Sepúlveda &  John William Bailly 21 March 2018

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