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The Honors College is interdisciplinary in nature and welcomes creative approaches to course projects. The form of the investigations and reflections can and should be varied: writing (both fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry), photography, video, and visual art. Students should gather information and impressions in the manner they wish. The nature of these can also be varied, as each student forms a unique perspective. The final product, however, must be posted on the Miami as Text Instagram account.

It is recommended each Miami as Text project make reference to place (where are you), specifics of your object or location, and your original reflection. Also, be creative with your photos. Do not simply submit a factual summary.

All post must start as the following example:
by @germanevy (German Etcheverry) of @fiuinstagram

Projects will be posted on a social media public forum, which will enable the host institution to engage student perceptions. This provides students with the opportunity to engage in a community dialogue in regards to their work. This should not impact student perspective or analysis. Your professor and the host institutions are interested in a genuine experience and honest reflection.

Review Guidelines and Tips for Text projects
Bailly’s Guide to City as Text

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