FIU 2019 Spring Semester

Shalenah Ivey and fellow students of FIU at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

This post is a listing of important news and upcoming events for all of Professor Bailly’s courses in the FIU Honors College.

There are two majors projects/events this semester: one at PAMM and the other at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. PAC students are involved in both. ASC students must select one of the two as their main project for the semester. Study Abroad students can participate in the PAMM event as extra credit.

PAC Poetry Reading at PAMM
06 April 2019, from 14:00-16:30
Professor Richard Blanco and students of Poetry Art Community (PAC) will read their poems at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Following this formal reading, participating students from all five of Bailly’s classes will position themselves throughout PAMM and read their own poems or as Texts.

Take Over Tours at Vizcaya
Varying times in April 2019
PAC students and participating ASC students will complete take over tours of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. (Read More)

28 February at FIU
Mark Osterman of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens will talk to FIU Honors students about Take Over tours.

07 March
10:00 PAC at Vizcaya
13:00 International Women’s Day Civic Dinner (2 points extra-credit for all Bailly students)
14:45 ASC at ICA

06 April
14:00-16:30 Poetry Reading at PAMM

There will be two separate readings: formal and informal. The formal reading will be at a podium and only consist of professional poets and PAC students. The informal reading will be directly after the formal reading. The informal reading will consist of any students from all classes reading their work in a location within PAMM. Just like a poetry flash mob (5 extra-credit points for all Bailly students that participate in the informal reading by reading their work. All Bailly students will have free admission).

Isabella Marie Garcia

Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  14 February 2019

Study Abroad Scholarships

FIU Honors Italia 2018 in Pisa, Italy © JW Bailly (CC by 4.0)

There is a new FIU Honors College Scholarship. 🤪$4,000.00😍

Learn about that scholarship and others here:

See more photos from Espana 2018, France 2018, and Italia 2018.

Isabella Marie Garcia

Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  10 February 2019

National Debt Civic Dinner at Vizcaya

FIU Honors College students at a Civic Dinner event in 2018 at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

The FIU Honors College, Civic Dinners, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are partnering again to host “National Debt 101“: a conversation among millennials about the state and impact of the national debt. The event will take place on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 and will be hosted and organized by Lily Fonte, an undergraduate student in the FIU Honors College who is majoring in Broadcast Media. The event will once again be held at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Participants must bring their own lunch and must register by requesting an invite to the event.

National Debt 101

“To many American Millennials, the national debt may seem like an abstract concern. In an era of quickly growing debt and political polarization, the country’s national debt is consistently placed on the back burner by our political leaders on both sides of the aisle. But our generation actually has the most at stake when it comes to policy decisions made today about our country’s fiscal and economic future, and it’s up to us to come together and speak up. This conversation is geared toward college students and administrators.” – (Civic Dinners Official Website)

US National Debt (Public & Intergovernmental) (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Please prepare by reviewing these links:

5 Facts About the National Debt by Drew Desilver

The Long Story of U.S. Debt, From 1790 to 2011, in 1 Little Chart by Matt Phillips

US National Debt Clock: Real Time

Isabella Marie Garcia

Stephanie Sepúlveda  & John William Bailly 22 January 2019


Art Society Conflict Volunteers

ASC students working for Robert Chambers at Bakehouse Art Complex © Lily Fonte (CC by 4.0)

Dear Members of the Miami Contemporary Art Community,

In Spring 2019, we are entering the second semester of the new seminar I have developed in the FIU Honors College: Art Society Conflict (ASC).

Similar to other classes that I have taught (such as Aesthetics & Values and Poetry Art Community, co-taught with the poet Richard Blanco), my objective is for students to immerse themselves in the community of contemporary art, especially by working for/with an artist(s) on a project. We do not have any funds, but we are 35 dedicated students ready to work on creative, unique projects. We do not seek financial compensation in any manner; we want to participate in a contemporary art project purely for educational purposes.

For an idea of what we have undertaken in the past, please review these pages. Last semester, we worked with Robert Chambers on one of his installations at the Bakehouse Art Complex. We have also previously painted poems on roofs with Randy Burman, and worked with the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark to build “Garbage Wall” at Untitled.

If you have any upcoming opportunities, please contact me. If you do not, please keep us in mind should an opportunity arise.


John William Bailly
The Honors College
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

Isabella Marie Garcia
Stephanie Sepúlveda  & John William Bailly 12 January 2019

FIU Panther Alumni Week (PAW)

Aesthetics & Values (A&V) 2018 at Locust Projects (Photo by JW Bailly CC by 4.0)

Connecting Students with Alumni

Panther Alumni Week (PAW) connects students with alumni through class presentations, industry panels and networking events. PAW promotes the building of relationships, which leads to networking, internships, mentoring and career opportunities.

We’re proud to celebrate the sixth anniversary of PAW! With your involvement, we can make PAW bigger and better than ever.

Each year, we invite alumni to campus to engage with our students on campus by offering real world insight and valuable career advice.

PAW is scheduled for the week of February 4-8, 2019 and will take place on campus and online.”


Please join Professor John William Bailly and FIU Honors students currently enrolled in Poetry Art Community (PAC), Art Society Conflict (ASC), and the Honors Italy, Spain, France 2019 programs for a PAW potluck to share stories from previous trips and years, along with giving advice to future students.

All FIU Honors College graduates are invited to come back to campus and speak to the students. If you are an alumni of either Poetry Art Community, Art Society Conflict (previously known as Aesthetics & Values (A&V)), or the Honors Italy, Spain, France courses, please email Professor Bailly in order to confirm your attendance.

If you have not graduated but have completed any of the courses or the three study abroad programs, please feel free to join us. Professor Bailly can’t register you as an official PAW guest with FIU, but we’d love to have you come and share stories, advice, and eat with us.


Art Society Conflict (ASC): Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 2:30pm in SIPA 220
PAW Speakers: Melissa Marie Garcia, Stephanie Villavicencio, Jonah Wichterich, Johayra Witter

Honors España, Italia, and France: Friday, February 8th, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00pm in SASC 352
PAW Speakers: Gianmarco Agostinone, Natalie Brunelle, Tolga Erbora, Isabella Marie Garcia, Nicole Hernandez, Viktoriya Justiz, Anthony Padura, Jonathan Urra, Stephanie Villavicencio, Athena Watkins, Jonah Wichterich

If you realize at the last minute that you can join us, please do.




Isabella Marie Garcia

Stephanie Sepúlveda  & John William Bailly 05 February 2019