Andro Bailly


Andro Bailly is a junior at TERRA Environmental Research Institute in Miami. He is studying Environmental and Field Studies, and set to graduate in 2018. His love of nature and understanding of  environmental sustainability led him to complete a Junior Naturalist internship at the Deering Estate in the summer of 2016. During this time, the large amount drift pollution on the coast of Miami troubled him. In particular, the amount of garbage on Chicken Key was of most concern. A small island off the shore of Miami, Chicken Key is utilized for nesting by sea turtles. Alarmingly, the amount of debris severely hindered the native habitat, preventing turtles from access the island.

In partnership with the Deering Estate, Andro arranged regular cleanings of Chicken Key and the surrounding area. He has coordinated days of up to 30 people, as well as individual efforts which are just what he does on a free day.

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