ASC Service Project 2020: Diana Cristancho

Miami Animal Rescue

My name is Diana Cristancho and I am a sophomore at Florida International University. I’m majoring in Recreational Therapy in the hopes of becoming an Occupational Therapist. I’ve lived my entire life in Miami which has allowed me to volunteer in a variety of locations and accomplish one of the most important roles a person can have of doing acts of kindness for other.

Describe which artist or institution you volunteered with.


I have been volunteering for Miami Animal Rescue for almost five years now. Due to the Corona Virus, I was unable to branch out to an art institution to volunteer for, as a result, I chose an organization that I trust and have seen grow over the past few years. They stay true to their mission of rescuing all the animals they can and placing them in their perfect homes. Although my major doesn’t directly connect with animals, I have always loved animals and I am interested in animal assisted therapies. Volunteering in a rescue I have learned not only about animals physically and how they should be cared for, but I have also learned how to understand them mentally.

How did you connect with this opportunity?

Describe specifically what you did and on which days. This should read as a personal and academic diary. Include photographs documenting your experience from start to end.

Students must register and have approved their hours on myhonors. Post a screenshot of the approved hours. Please delete all personal contact information.

Assess your experience. What worked? What didn’t?

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