Italia Spring 2020 Ineffable Miami: Miami Design District by Melanie Rodriguez

Photo by Kezia Moros (CC by 4.0)

Melanie Rodriguez is a second-year, first-generation student at FIU’s Honors College pursuing a double major in English (Creative Writing) and Exceptional Student Education (Policy) with a certificate in Exile Studies. As a Global Learning Medallion student, Melanie is a part of FIU’s inaugural Millennium Fellowship cohort working to advance the United Nations’ 4th Sustainable Development Goal, Quality Education. Melanie currently works as Culture Shock Miami’s Program Coordinator at Miami-Dade County’s Department of Cultural Affairs and is also Tutorial Coordinator for FIU’s Student Support Services Program. In her spare time, Melanie is an editor and writes for Make Muse, a magazine and magazine agency based in New York that encourages “young womxn smashing societal standards.” Her goal is to enact social change by combining her passion for the arts with her dedication to activism and youth education. 

Delineate, define, and describe the neighborhood you have selected. This section must include a map and original photographs by the student of the neighborhood. The student should describe both the urban and natural landscape.

Provide a thorough, researched, and cited history of the neighborhood.

List population and characterisitics of residents (age, gender, income level, cultural roots). Feature a bio and portrait of one resident that the student interviewed.

List and describe the museums, monuments, and historical landmarks of the neighborhood. Select three to highlight.

List and describe the green spaces and parks of the neighborhood.

Describe all modes of transportation within the neighborhood and what are the results of this.

Where are the best and authentic places to eat. Select three to highlight.

Describe and list a selection of unique businesses in the neighborhood. Do not list chains. Select three to highlight.

Assess the neighborhood. What works? What doesn’t?

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