ASC Who Art Miami Spring 2020: Matthew Haimes

Artist: Carlos Betancourt

Student Biography

My name is Matthew Haimes and I am currently in my second year of college at Florida International University. I am currently majoring in mathematics as I want to go to graduate school and one day become a mathematician. I have always enjoyed spending time to appreciate art throughout my life and this fascination has taken me across the world to look at what I believe to be the most influential pieces of art. My hobbies include solving Rubik’s cubes, frisbee, volleyball, and studying. I enrolled in this class to learn more about the art world and delve deep into different forms of art and how they have been used to change society.

Artist Biography

Artist Quotes

Historical Context

Cultural Context

Contemporary Context

Formal Elements

Changes in Artwork

Current Artwork

Broader Social and Cultural Context

Experience with the Artist

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