Spain Spring 2020 as Texts

Thomas Connell

Photo taken by Thomas Connell

Vizcaya as Text

I visited Vizcaya for the first time ever and I was blown away by its beauty and culture. From the entrance gate to the gardens, I was entranced by what Vizcaya had to offer. Upon entering the gates it was like taking a step back in time where you went from the many buildings in Miami to a whole different world. It was wonderous to see the difference between Vizcaya and the surrounding area.

When on the premises you are greeted by a statue of Juan Ponce de Leon, and fountains that lead to the house. The fountains contain Spanish and Islamic influence and it gives you a taste of the culture mix that Vizcaya is. The is elaborate with a central courtyard and beautiful art and d├ęcor that is mesmorizing each step you take through the house.

What particularly caught my attention is the gardens next to the house. I found the shrubbery aesthetically pleasing and loved the French inspired symmetric layout of the gardens. I spent hours in the garden wandering from each area to view its design and its vibrancy. Vizcaya truly captures the mix of cultures that Miami is known for and it would be a shame to miss out on the beautiful home known as Vizcaya.

Photo Taken by Thomas Connell
An example of the symmetry and beauty of the Vizcaya Gardens

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