“Miami’s corner of history” by Monserrat Garcia- Vizcaya as a Text

Vizcaya’s Italian inspired gardens—google images.

What was once a winter home for a man, is now a home of history and culture for Miami. Being more than a century old, Vizcaya truly is a corner of Miami filled with heritage. Upon arrival of Vizcaya one is immediately greeted with a plethora of flora that goes on for several acres. The famous gardens of Vizcaya root back to 16th century Italy. The Vizcaya gardens who were designed by Diego Suarez show a strong presence of European influence in Miami. Walking around the gardens one will find several sculptures that depict ancient deities. One of the figures that stood out to me was the figure of Bacchus, the greek god of wine. Depictions of this god can be seen several times throughout one’s exploration of Vizcaya.

Despite the fact that this historical site was constructed several years after the spanish discovered the new world, Vizcaya holds much art and design that date back to this time. While the gardens are inspired by Italian landscaping, the inside of the house is heavily inspired by Spanish architecture and culture. The walls of the Vizcaya house are decorated with several paintings and creations by spanish artist. The courtyard centered in the middle of the 54 bedroom home is very heavily inspired by the spanish. In Spain it was very typical for homes to have a courtyard where people could enjoy the sun and the nature outside.

After a day of exploring the breathtaking sites of the Vizcaya home and gardens the impact that the old world had on the new world is completely clear. The coming of the Spaniards and other europeans to the new world had both negative and positive consequences. Though James Deering had Vizcaya constructed to be a winter vacation home back in 1912, Mr. Deering left the city of Miami with a spot rich with history and culture. Reminding people of their roots and the cultures that influence them and generations to come.

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