Italia Spring 2020 As Texts: Tanvi Shashidhar

Tanvi Shashidhar is currently a junior at Florida International University and the Honors College, double majoring in International Business and Marketing with a certificate in Import-Export and Supply Chain. She has an interest in the digital media aspects of marketing as well as the more logistical side of business that comes with supply chain management. Tanvi has always enjoyed traveling internationally with her friends/family and getting to know different cultures and their traditions. She is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021 and is excited to see where this Italy study abroad course will take her. Follow her on this journey by reading her Italia as Texts below.

“A Sneak Peek into Villa Vizcaya: A Hidden Gem of South Florida” by Tanvi Shashidhar of FIU at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

As someone who lives near the oldest city in the United States, Saint Augustine, I am no stranger to seeing famous historical landmarks in Florida. One thing I was not expecting to see in Miami amidst all nightclubs and beaches was a national historical landmark with a mix of both a European and Mediterranean aesthetic infused as well. Looking a little bit closer you notice the local influence from Miami that is incorporated into the infrastructure as well. For example, the Cuban limestone incorporated into the infrastructure represents a little bit of the cultural influence in Miami. The infamous owner of this estate was none other than James Deering, an industrialist and conservationist, whose goal for the estate was to conserve the landscape as well as the plant and animal life of the area.

Walking into the estate it is amazing to see how luxurious and well maintained the property has been kept no doubt due to the strong foundation that was put in place from the beginning. Each room gave a little bit more insight into James Deering’s life and personality. From the Greek statues to the art on each of the ceilings you can see the different time periods and European influence that Paul Chalfin, a notable artist and interior designer, put together. All in all, Vizcaya is a beautiful place with a fascinating history and should definitely be on the list of must-see’s when visiting Miami.

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