Gaby Gabino Italia 2020: As Texts

Gaby Gabino is a student at Florida International University where she is a part of the Honors College. She is majoring in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications and is minoring in Marketing. She is very interested in keeping up to date with trends and the fashion industry. Professionally, Gaby is employed at a boutique in Coral Gables called Aria Rose as the Social Media and Sales Assistant and she is the Electronic Communications Director for Alpha Xi Delta at FIU. She hopes to someday work for the marketing department of a magazine. When she has free time, she loves to create graphics and create content for her travel blog!



Being raised in Miami, Vizcaya is a place that I had heard of frequently and
had visited prior, but I never truly understood its value. This home was
created by James Deering with the idea of placing everything he loved and
admired about Europe into one place. Whether it be the Spanish caravels or
ancient deities such as Bacchus, every aspect of Vizcaya was created or placed in the home with a purpose. Somehow Vizcaya still perfectly reflects what Miami is today.

What I found to be the most interesting part of Vizcaya was the architecture
and how thought out everything was. James Deering did not place anything in that home without a purpose. For example, the arch near the entrance is almost identical to those made in Europe after a war. Deering placed this in his estate simply because he wanted to feel a sense of victory when walking through it. Another example is the painting of the children in the office. Deering placed that in there because he believed that most people have pictures of their children in their offices, therefore he would too. And lastly the strategic placing of benches in the garden. Placed simply so he could spend time with the maidens that would tend the gardens.

Every aspect of Vizcaya was made with an immense amount of attention to
detail, and I believe that is what makes it such a valuable place. It is a
place with such a deeper meaning that most visitors will probably fail to see.


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