France 2020 As Texts: Kassandra Sanz

Kassandra Sanz and is a senior at tFlorida International University. She is currently majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Psychology and hopes to graduate Summer 2020. Kassandra is a proud Panther and keeps herself busy with full time classes, work and on-campus involvements.

“Memories” by Your Kassandra Sanz of FIU at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Visit to Vizcaya 01/31/2020

Vizcaya will always hold a special spot in my heart as this is the place where, like many Latinas in and around Miami, I took my Quinceañera photos. Taking this class trip was extra special to me because it was the 6th year anniversary of the day I took my pictures. I went January 31st, 2014, just one day before my 15th birthday and I returned January 31st, 2020 the day before my 21st birthday. Both, in my opinion, monumental birthdays that represent a period of transition.

Being at Vizcaya on that day came at a much needed time. Turning 21 is pretty big and taking the time to learn more about the history of this place allowed me to reflect on my personal history and how far I had come from the young lady I was becoming at 15 to the young women that I am becoming now.  That is why I chose this photo. It shows symmetry, which for me was like my 15 year old self facing my current, 21 year old self with the pond reflecting all that is around it, as I reflected.

I believe this reflects perfectly with what Vizcaya represents. We see that James Deering took different aspects of European culture and melded it together in one beautiful property. As mentioned during our time at Vizcaya, Deering unknowingly created the Miami style. Miami is well known for being a melting pot of cultures. It is also known for being flashy and – another of Deering’s hopes. This is shown by the sculpture of Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy.

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