“Build Over Baptist”

Photo by Dina Denord (CC by 4.0)

built on the backs on blacks is this city 

a piece of our history

disrespected   because           

it          was      not       their   story

they felt removed

city sought to expand                                           

never an issue

through where they asked

somewhere obscure, no one will notice

somewhere that won’t miss growth

somewhere that won’t miss success

somewhere people will forget

a fissure was caused in a forgotten community

a community once filled with people

white and black alike

a community where the hustle and bustle was the everyday norm

growth and progress were the tales passed on to children

in an era of negativity, there was a small beam

a millionaire was even seen

education for all

music for all

life for all

until there wasn’t anymore

build it straight through, they decided

doesn’t matter how we split it, they won’t care

to us, it was demeaning

damaging, painful

memories stolen

from playing in the streets to 

drinking lemonade in the miami heat

religion, a daily injection of spirit in our lives

the meeting place where everyone feels the vibes

even though they are built through

they don’t falter

it doesn’t shut the praise down

voices carry over the highway noise, 

spirit lifted hands in the air

static electricity charging the atmosphere

the meeting place is not compromised

built over baptist, they showed 

no remorse

no respect

no reverence

providing no space to move, 

to grow 

to         s          p          r           e          a          d          

relegated to a corner so we don’t spread our wings

in the city where we once were kings 

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