Destruction by Ashley Rodriguez of FIU at Roma, Italia.

 The most beautiful things are found in destruction. 
Destruction unearths the humanity hidden beneath the surface. 
Through the cracks one can see what once was.
In the colosseum I see violence, injustice, and pain. 
I see men fighting for the opportunity to live. 
I see slaves praying to Gods they don’t believe in. 
I see innocents being made savages. 
Humanity in its rawest form. 
I also see joy, laughter and love.
I see the crowds full of glee when a life is lost. 
I see laughs being shared amongst friends. 
I see a widow sob when her love takes his last breath. 
These cracks give us insight into the truth about you and I. 
Allows us to see what has stood the test of time. 
Humanity has shown its ugly face time and time again. 
We have not made much progress. 
I turn on the TV. 
I see the highlights of a boxing match. 
I see bulls being made savages by humans. 
I see a mother sob as she is separated from her child at an immigration camp. 
Again I see violence, injustice, and pain. 
Human nature is not always what it seems to be. 
It is often just too painful to realize. 
Millions travel to visit this wonder of the world. 
They see an architectural marvel. 
They see a community center. 
Sure, they also see the destruction. 
They see the building under construction and the caution tape. 
One must look with a critical eye to truly see through the cracks.

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