Art Society Conflict Volunteers

ASC students working for Robert Chambers at Bakehouse Art Complex © Lily Fonte (CC by 4.0)

Dear Members of the Miami Contemporary Art Community,

In Spring 2019, we are entering the second semester of the new seminar I have developed in the FIU Honors College: Art Society Conflict (ASC).

Similar to other classes that I have taught (such as Aesthetics & Values and Poetry Art Community, co-taught with the poet Richard Blanco), my objective is for students to immerse themselves in the community of contemporary art, especially by working for/with an artist(s) on a project. We do not have any funds, but we are 35 dedicated students ready to work on creative, unique projects. We do not seek financial compensation in any manner; we want to participate in a contemporary art project purely for educational purposes.

For an idea of what we have undertaken in the past, please review these pages. Last semester, we worked with Robert Chambers on one of his installations at the Bakehouse Art Complex. We have also previously painted poems on roofs with Randy Burman, and worked with the Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark to build “Garbage Wall” at Untitled.

If you have any upcoming opportunities, please contact me. If you do not, please keep us in mind should an opportunity arise.


John William Bailly
The Honors College
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

Isabella Marie Garcia
Stephanie Sepúlveda  & John William Bailly 12 January 2019

Author: Isabella Marie Garcia

I'm currently an undergraduate student in the Honors College at Florida International University double majoring in English with a concentration in Literature and Women’s and Gender Studies, and double minoring in French Language and Culture and Art History. I'm heavily interested in work that challenges gender ideals, female sexuality, and brings taboo subjects up to the surface. I hope that my work, whether it be through written, visual, or spoken word, can help challenge even just one individual to see how important intersectionality is within our world and one’s own local community. My writing blog can be found at

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