Study Abroad 2019 Meeting & Info Session

Study Abroad 2019 Meeting & Info Session 
Tuesday, 17 April at 03:30 PM
SASC 160, Florida International University
Free and open to the public

This meeting is for students interested and/or already registered in FIU Honors 2019 France, Italy, or Spain study abroad. Professor Bailly and Rachel Young will be teaching in Europe, away from Miami until the Fall semester. This is the chance for the group to meet and to ask questions.

You can find out more about study abroad on the program pages
France: Art, War, & Human Rights
Italy: Grand Tour Redux
Spain: Miami, Espana: Ida Y Vuelta

Archive General de Indias (Photo by JW Bailly CC BY 4.0)

Stephanie Sepúlveda & John William Bailly  10 April 2018


Author: John William Bailly

Professor/Painter/Study Abroad Faculty Director FIU Honors College

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