Coconut Grove First Saturday at LnS

JW Bailly. Cutler Fossil Roma, 2017. Oil on canvas. 170 cm x 210 cm. Courtesy of LnS Gallery.



JANUARY 6, 2018 | 6:00-9:00pm

A collective exhibit of 12 artists working in South Florida, upon a foundation of oolite. The exhibition is accompanied by the LnS Journal with an insightful essay by CAROL DAMIAN, Ph.D.
John William Bailly | Jennifer Basile  |  Tim Buwalda | Robert DeYoung | Jessie Laino | Gabriela Noelle | William Osorio | Arturo Rodríguez | César Trasobares | Trek6 | Tony Vazquez-Figueroa | Sinuhe Vega Negrin
OOLITE is presented alongside HIGHLIGHTS, a curated selection of artworks by internationally acclaimed artists:
Carlos Alfonzo | Alexandre Arrechea | Uta Barth | Marta María Pérez Bravo | José Manuel Fors | Patrick Hamilton | Enoc Perez | Tomás Sánchez
LnS is a new art space specializing in contemporary art with a focus on Miami-based artists. Named after the gallerist team of LUISA LIGNAROLO and SERGIO CERNUDA, partners in marriage and business, the space is anchored in a spirit of inclusive creativity attuned to the cultural pulse of South Florida.
Located in North Coconut Grove, within walking distance from the Coconut Grove Metrorail Station, the 5000-square foot, multi-room space provides a showcase for unique forms of expression through curated, comprehensive catalogued exhibitions, site-installations and cultural gatherings. Special events will feature lectures, artists’ talks and educational programs for the various audiences in South Florida.
The gallery and its team of specialists offer assistance in framing, conservation, display and art transportation services. In addition to expertise in secondary markets and established relationships with auction networks, Luisa and Sergio specialize in personalized art advisement, appraisals, and market analysis for individuals and businesses.


Author: John William Bailly

Professor/Painter/Study Abroad Faculty Director FIU Honors College

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